About us

Riemann A/S is a Danish manufacturer of specialised skin care products.
The company was founded by Claus Riemann in 1979 and is based on his original vision of creating products with an “objectively identifiable effect”, an effect the consumer can see for himself. In other words: Products that work.
This simple yet challenging ambition remains our defining objective.

Fundamentally it’s all about honesty

When we make a promise, we keep it. From the deals we make with our suppliers and the contracts with our distributors, to the claims we put on our product packaging.
For more than 30 years we have dedicated all our resources to creating effective solutions in carefully selected product categories.
Our focus areas have always been categories where lots of people are looking for something beyond a cosmetic fix, areas where truly effective solutions are notoriously hard to find.

What we believe

We have built our company based on clear ethics and conscientiousness. In respect to our suppliers, our distributors and our end-users.
Our corporate culture puts our products center stage, with an aim to continuously improve the value of Riemann products to all concerned.

Where we are coming from

Since Claus Riemann founded Riemann in 1979, the company has been dedicated to develop and produce products with seriously reliable protection. In 2017 Riemann A/S was acquired by Orkla.