In our world it’s all about the products

Our entire organisation is focused on making them as effective as they can be. This is probably why we aren’t as colourful as most of our competitors.
Our search for true solutions actually makes us quite boring. We see our ability to continuously increase our market share despite our lack of colour and fireworks as a testament to our products’ quality.

If they didn’t work, we wouldn’t still be here.
As long as there are skin care manufacturers out there that focus on hype, beautiful models, fancy photos and evocative scents – there will be consumers looking for the manufacturer that waft away the perfume and deliver products that just work.

Perspirex - the seriously reliable antiperspirant

Our super effective antiperspirants will keep you dry for days with only one application. A first choice product for sufferers with heavy perspiration problems, but probably also the most effective product available to the average consumer looking for added protection.


P20 - Seriously reliable suncare

We have created a line of extraordinarily effective sun protection products.
One application gives you 10 hours reliable sun protection and remains very water resistant even after 80 minutes in the Water.